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Nepal Trip!

Jaymashi (Christian greeting in Nepal)! We want to thank all of you for helping through monetary support and prayer, as we traveled to Nepal in March. Padam and Prabina, Nepali missionaries and our good friends, have had several needs met through the ministry of WAKETHESILENCE. Around a year and a half ago, they contacted us with a need for a portable sound system and an electric/acoustic guitar. They were able to use this sound system, the guitar, and other instruments to attract villagers in far west Nepal so they could share the gospel. Padam is a very talented musician and he has a group of musicians that travel with him…they have even been able to make a CD! Their CD is very popular, and it has been a great tool to spread the love of Christ.

When Padam and Prabina contacted us again about some more needs, we jumped on the chance! They asked for recorders and songbooks for the children. Prabina would teach them how to play, then eventually ‘graduate’ them to the flute! They also needed more guitar strings to get them through for a while. This time, we wanted to take what they needed directly to them! Recorders and guitar strings were donated, money was given for the Vegge Tale Songbooks, and we surprised Prabina with a flute someone had given us. What joy it brought us to encourage Padam and Prabina, assist them with their ministry, and bring them items that they needed. We could not have done it without YOU!

Here is Bhuwan playing the flute. He plays the native flute, but not the American version, so it will take some teaching on Prabina’s part. Bhuwan was once a Hindu, then gave his life to the Lord, and he now works with Padam and Prabina.

One day in Nepal, Prabina took us to their land
where they will be building a training center.
Directly above this land is an open area with
360 degree views, where you can see so many
of the villages that have never heard the gospel.

It is Padam and Prabina’s vision to share Jesus with every single village in Far West Nepal. While we were there, Jonathan grabbed a guitar and led us in songs and prayer. It was an incredible moment.

Jonathan was also able to sing, Open the Eyes of My Heart, in a small church in Nepal. About 30 people were sitting on the floor worshipping the Lord in a 12X12 room. Just to hear them singing holy, holy, holy was beautiful…they may not have known what they were singing, but that did not matter!

Eighty percent of Nepalese are Hindu, and twenty percent are Buddhist. Both religions have millions of gods, and the Nepali people worship these gods out of fear. Out of all of these gods, there is not one god of love. How said would it
be to never feel loved? What an awesome message we have for the Nepali people. The one true God loves them,, and He loves them so much He died for them! What an incredible God we serve, and one day every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord!

We wanted to share with you some pictures of the children and people of Nepal…enjoy looking at these precious faces…

What is Happening Now??


Right now, we are working on a request from a ministry in Africa called, Gospel for Africa. Here is some information about this ministry:

Chris and Noelle Jones received God’s call to begin Gospel For Africa in 2002. Noelle was born in Côte d’Ivoire and came to the U.S. in 1991. Pastor Chris was serving in the local church when they met. They were married and soon were receiving invitations to minister the Word of God in Africa. After seeing the need there for sound biblical teaching and discipleship, God began preparing them to lead the ministry of Gospel For Africa.

Jesus Christ is the hope for Africa.
In Matthew 28 our Lord commands us to go and make disciples of all nations. Many in Africa have answered the call to serve the Lord and His people. These servants of God need help from those of us who have been blessed with much. The greatest need is sound biblical training in an atmosphere where they can see the Word of God applied to daily life. Gospel For Africa will supply free bible training and materials to every student we teach.

They are in need of an electric/acoustic guitar, bass guitar, guitar amplifier, mics and mic stands. If you know anyone who would like to donate any of these items or help purchase good equipment, please contact us and mention WAKETHESILENCE Africa.


Padam and Prabina need an upgraded portable sound system for their traveling music ministry. They would like to buy and amplifier, speakers, monitor, mic stands, speaker stands, headphone for their sound guys, and the appropriate wires. Padam wants to purchase these items in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, because the cost is much less. So, we will be sending money to them once we have enough raised. The total cost if you would like to help with WAKETHESILENCE Nepal is $850.00.


Last year we were able to help Experiencing God Through Missions with one of their church plants in Wyoming. WAKETHESILENCE provided a portable Fender sound system for the church so they could have music and amplification for their sermons. Experiencing God Through Missions needs two more portable sound systems for two more church plants that they are assisting with here in the United States.

We desperately need your prayers for WAKETHESILENCE . Please pray that we can meet every legitimate need that comes to us. Pray that we have discernment and wisdom as we continue to grow as a ministry. Thank you for all you are doing for WAKETHESILENCE Ministries.

If you would like to help in any way, please contact us through our website, http://www.wakethesilence.com/. We look so forward to hearing from you!

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God bless,
Jonathan and Tara

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